Interview with Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman 2/2/12

This is a Q&A session I did with Dr. Cue, I am very happy he took the time to share with us his experiences. For those of you who may not know Tom Rossman here is a little bit of history on him and his accomplishments.

A few of  Tom’s titles;

  • 2009 ESPN World Cup of Trick Shots Champion (Team USA)
  • 2008 ESPN World Cup of Trick Shots Champion (Team USA)
  • 2008 ESPN Trick Shot Magic Champion
  • 2007 US Open Artistic Pool Champion
  • 2006 WPA World Artistic Pool Champion
  • 2006 ESPN World Cup of Trick Shots Champion (Team USA)
  • 2002 ESPN Trick Shot Magic Champion
  • 1998 World TASA Champion
  • 1982 World Masters Trick Shot Champion

Tom was also the author of Rack Up A Victory training book, videos, and DVDs.
Creator of Banks, Tricks, & “Kicks” training products for “artistic pool” worldwide
Considered “founding father” of modern day “artistic pool” movement and The Foundation of R.A.C.K.

And so much more…..

In short Tom Rossman has done allot to advance the sport of artistic pool as well as other aspects of the game. He is a truly an  ambassador for pool.


Q: When did you realize that you had a talent for pool?

I grew up working as a “rack boy” at a little pool room at Elsies in Minonk, IL. I was 10 years old at that time, but within a few years I knew I loved the game and could shoot pretty well.

Q: Did you have a mentor, someone that took a special interest in developing your skill? If so, who?

I studied Willie Mosconi’s book Winning Pocket Billiards and that really helped, along with a young player as my mentor by the name of Jack Eden, who was the nephew of the owner.

Q:  You have been an innovator of Artistic Pool for some time. Where do you see the sports future heading now?

I see only the greatest future for Artistic Pool with its beauty, promise, and vision for all ages.

Q:  After over 4000 shows and clinics do you ever get nervous preforming on live TV or in front of large audiences? Any funny stories about certain experiences?

I always have a little apprehension before a show, but that is part of being a performer. Without that, I don’t believe you can be focused and entertain with the humor I often interject. One of the funniest stories is when my wife returned to the show arena early to help me put things away. A woman next to Marty commented that she couldn’t figure out who Marty was, but then realized she must have been my wife since she wasn’t laughing at anything I was saying. Marty said that was the funniest thing she had heard in months. After 4000+ shows, I can understand Marty’s sense of humor as well.

Q:   What do you consider your best accomplishment in the world of pool?

I think the 1st ESPN Trick Shot Magic would be close to the top of the list from the event side of things. The greatest skill demo I connect with was when I ran 55 wing shots in a row on the pool table in Yucapai, CA several years ago. I really like those type of shots!

Q:    You have a very successful artistic pool tournament called the Dr. Cue Classic Artistic Cup, what prompted you to start this tournament?

Marty and I started this magnetic event to bring together all players with high percentage make rate challenges, guaranteed prize money to all positions, and a reunion style atmosphere for all ages of players. We just completed the Cup V in a very successful manner once again and encourage anyone interested in future Cup events to contact me —

Q:    Sites like You Tube show numerous people trying their hand at trick shots. How do you feel about the younger generation of trick shot enthusiasts?

They are totally awesome and are creating new “artistic pool” shots at a fever pace. I believe the surface has just been scratched in this social medium. We are sure to see new champions of our sport from these talented new hearts of skill, image, and demeanor.

Q:  What would be your advice for someone that wants to take their game to the next level?

This is simple — Develop solid fundamentals, learn the mathematical side of the game with “diamond systems”, study the mental game for burning focus and other key elements of game approach, and most importantly, implant the concept of “enjoying the roll” over everything else. I recommend all players and fans to view segment #40 on the APA Channel via You Tube . This was a special instructional segment I did for the APA several years ago that always makes a connection for the best game and victory in one’s game and life.

Q:   Looking back over your career, is there anything you would have done different? Any regrets?

No regrets on the actual game as I know it has been an equipping for a higher purpose. I believe we are just “watching over things” for God and we must always share the blessings we receive from our sport with others, so that they might share them with others. I recommend starting as early as possible with “spreading the real meaning” of the game and life from a spiritual perspective. The joys our game and life can offer are immense if we really understand what it is all about. To Rack Up A Victory In your game and life is one of the greatest joys one will ever experience.

Thank You Dr. Cue for everything that you have done for pool.

Would you like to see more interviews with the pro’s? Post a comment below about who you would like to see next.


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