Monday Night League 2/15/12

I decided to post a little something each week or so about the league I am in. We just finished our 4th week and so far I haven’t lost a match. In fact our whole team has done well so far. We got 5 points for each of the first 3 weeks and 6 points this week. (6 is the best you can do).  We still have some of the tougher teams to face but right now we are in either 1st or 2nd depending on how the 1st place team did last week.

With all that said if you know me you probably know that I care less about winning and more about everyone getting to play. My personal goal for playing league is to stay at the top of my game and maintain a good attitude win or loose. That’s easy to say when your winning! I don’t mind getting beat by someone that played better, but I HATE beating myself.

I also have found that letting go of the outcome allows me to be happier while I play. When I was too concerned about winning I wasn’t really enjoying myself. Now I am able to have fun while I am playing and it shows in my game. I enjoy the game again. When you develop that attitude everything else just falls into place. Even loosing can be a good experience, if you have the right frame of mind you will use that loss as a learning tool and make use of it.

See you next week…..


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