Monday Night Pool League 2/21/12

Ok so last week I said I don’t mind getting beat by a

better player but I HATE beating myself……well

guess what, I beat myself. Actually it was a

combination of things. First I hurt my back before I

even started playing, ( I have an ongoing back

issue) and I decided that I didn’t want to take my

pain medicine so I could think clearly. In hindsight

that may not have been the best decision.  Then one

of our problem players says something that puts me

into a foul mood (more on that later). And to top it

all off I am playing a guy that has a handicap of 4

and I am a 6. (I have to win 6 he only has to win 4)

and he can play pretty well.

So, long story short I lost. And I deserved to lose.

The other guy played very good pool and I didn’t,

plain and simple. I congratulated him and their

team and headed home to a nice warm bed and a

pain pill!

Now, as for the foul mood thing you will need a

little background on what has been going on with

our team. There is this guy on our team, I’ll call him

player “A”,  he is a very good shot but not really a

team guy. He only cares about winning and that

would be fine with one exception. We have 8

players on our team and only 5 play each night. 4

of our players are typically 5-6 handicap, 1 is

usually a 3-5 the others range from 2-4. Player “A”

only cares about points and just wants to play the

top 5 players every week. So much so that 2 of our

players only got to play once last session. The

whole thing left me feeling guilty, I didn’t like

playing every week while others sat out every week.

They didn’t join league to sit and watch.

So Player “A” starts complaining about one of our

lower handicap players because he is loosing his

match. I told him not to worry about it, he is just

nervous and he’s still new to league. Player “A” says

“Well, it’s his third session and he ain’t got no

better yet.”  This pissed me off a bit so I snapped

back “Well, he’s only got to play 3 times in the

entire time he has been on the team, how do you

expect him to get better if he doesn’t get any


I had to walk away after that, if I talked to him any

longer I would have said something I would have

regretted.  So between that argument and my back

throwing a fit I wasn’t to effective in my match. I’m

not really making excuses for my loss, I should

have still been able to put it all aside and play well

but my heart just wasn’t in it last night. 


I decided that I will have to start my own team next

session. I don’t care if we are first place or last as

long as we are having fun playing the game. And in

case you were wondering, I wont be accepting any

“A” holes on my team!



One response to “Monday Night Pool League 2/21/12

  1. I was in a similar situation and started my own team a year ago. It was the best thing I ever did, no more drama etc. We even cashed in on a tournament earlier this year. Everybody plays and gets along and there are never any “it’s all about me and my playing time issues”. New players need competitive table time to develop their games. Some Jackholes just don’t understand that there is no “I” in team. Nice Post!

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