My Trick Shot Videos

Someone asked me the other day why I didn’t have any of my trick shot videos on my blog. Well, I guess I just haven’t got around to it yet. Trick shots aren’t really my thing. I enjoy doing them and will probably do another video before to long but the majority of my time is spent on improving my pool game.

Here are a few of my videos.

This video is one I did almost entirely in one night. The music is from a band I know named Torque, hope you like it.

This video is a older one I did. In a previous a guy had commented that I used trick photography, used strings and had the table slanted to get the balls to move they way they did. So the last shot in this video is for him. I designed it to prove that I didn’t do any of those things. Enjoy.

This video is kind of interesting. I had this guy contact me from the Philippines asking me if I would make a video for him. It seems he was going to start a online billiards store and he wanted to use a video by me as advertisement for his site. He said that he would have a custom Masse Cue made for me if I use it in the video. I sent him my specs for the cue and when I received it I did this video.  I also did the artwork at the beginning of the video. The cue,by the way, plays awesome!

I hope you enjoyed these videos, maybe some day soon I will put some more up or even make a new one. But for now, it’s back to practicing my pool game!


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