Product review– The Break Speed App 8/3/12

I know it’s been a while since I posted a new article but I have a good reason. I got a new Ipod touch the other day and I have been playing with it, getting it set up the way I like it and all that. Ok, so I have been playing a few games on it too!

I recently got the new Break Speed app 3.0.0 by Paul Nettle and I have been playing with it a bit. I have heard good and bad things about it so I thought I would check it out for myself and form my own opinion.

I was surprised to see just how easy it was to use. They kept it simple without it coming off cheap. I thought the programing ran very smooth and as of yet it hasn’t given me any trouble. The graphics are decent as well. The App comes with 7 preset table sizes to choose from.

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12 foot (62X124) table

10 foot (56X112) table

9 foot (50X100) table

8 foot over sized (46X92) table

8 foot (44X88) table

7 foot (39X78) table

6 foot (33X66) table

Plus it comes with a custom feature that allows you to input the distance between the cue ball and the ball you plan to hit on the break (usually the head ball). This will insure better accuracy than the presets. I used this in my personal pool room in my house and got very consistent results. Was it  accurate, who knows. I don’t have a radar gun to test it against but it seems about right to me.

As near as I can tell it figures the speed of your break by recording the sound of your break. It marks when your tip hits the cue ball and then marks when your cue ball hits the rack. It factors the distance between the cue ball and rack and the time it takes for the cue ball to reach the rack and spits out a speed in miles per hour.
I did 10 breaks in a row and my speed stayed relatively the same with a variance of .45 mph. I didn’t get any crazy reading that were way too fast or too slow. I had heard reports saying that some people were getting 35 mph every now and then. My guess is that either the app is picking up on background noise or the distance is set up wrong.  When using this in a pool hall I can see it giving false readings when someone is playing right next to you.

But when used correctly and with a little common sense I think it is a good tool for gauging you break speed.Another feature that is nice is that you can add notes to each break speed result and you can upload your results directly to facebook or twitter.

I like using this app for different reasons than most. I think most people think a hard break = good break. If you have read much of what I have written in the past you know that I don’t work that way. I prefer controlled power to raw power. Meaning that it doesn’t do you any good to try to hit them at max power if it decreases your accuracy.  I can break at 28+Mph but I successfully break at around 21 mph. I find that I get a better spread of the balls, pocket more balls on the break and get better cue ball position with a less than full power break.

There is another fun use for this app. My friends and I have had small competitions where you try to guess your break speed or see who can break the hardest/fastest. All in all it’s a fun tool to have for a few bucks. And it’s the only pool app I have been able to find so far. I wish they would make a pool table layout app that you could use to diagram shots and upload them to forums, email or web blogs. C’mon you programmers, get on that!


2 responses to “Product review– The Break Speed App 8/3/12

  1. Nice review, I have read about this app on AZ and was curious if it was accurate or not. Going to give it a try now. As for a pool table layout app, you can get Pool Layout Memo in the app store for iPod touch. Just search “Pool Layout”, I use it all the time on my blog with no issues. Hope this helps and thanks for the nice post!

  2. Cool! I’ll check that out when I get home, thanks for the info and glad you liked the review. Let me know how you like the break speed app.

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