Well, kinda. We are having our captains meeting tonight. This is were we have the captains from all the teams meet and discuss any rule changes and the like. We also take this time to introduce any new teams and go over the schedule.  I am starting my own team this year and I am looking forward to having some fun.

We will probably have a 12 week session, 2 weeks off and then another 12 week session depending on how many teams we have. Usually I set a few goals for myself so that I have something to works towards during league. One year I decided I was going to get the trophy for most 8 balls on the break.  Another year I wanted to get the most table runs. Last year I worked on playing better defense and playing the smart shot. But this year the only goal I have is to have fun and make sure that my entire team is getting equal playing time, even if it means loosing the match.

I figure that it may hurt us some this year in the standings but it will make us a stronger team in the future. So tonight it’s a  pitcher of beer, hopefully a short meeting and if I’m lucky a few 8 ball games for cash!


I hate to post a article without any pictures but I don’t have any that pertain to the topic. So I thought I would add a picture of a table layout and ask you how you would shoot this shot. The shot set up below is for a 8 ball league rules game (ball in hand rules) You are stripes, how would you play it?

I look at this shot and figure that there is a offensive shot that is low percentage, and several defensive shots. Scroll down for my offensive solution. I will leave it up to you to decide which is the best defensive solution.


How would you play this?
























Offensive solution: You must thin the 15 ball with a lot of right hand English. Your speed will be a big factor in this shot.

I did this shot on one of my trick shot videos and I have made this shot in a actual game but I would recommend you only do this as an absolute last resort because it is a very low percentage shot and will most likely cost you the game if you miss.


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