Pool league updates and excuses!

WOW, it’s been a long time since I updated this blog. Sorry about that but I have been busy doing a variety of other things like running a website for our pool league, making wine, keeping the family happy, Christmas and all the other things that keeps my world turning.

Okay, so enough of the excuses! As some of you may know I started coaching my own team this year. I got rid of the players that were bad for the team in the sense that they were bad for moral. What sucks is that they were good players. I instead opted for people who had a good attitude, wanted to play and improve, but most of all just want to enjoy the game. And what do you know, we are in third place at the moment! Two of the guys who hardly got to play in the past two years are playing almost every week and kicking ass! I am really proud of what we have accomplished as a team and the fact that we are threatening to get second place is amazing.

As I said at the beginning of the season, I don’t care if we are in last place as long as we are having fun. But isn’t it funny how a person can preform with they are content and confident. We have almost the same team as last year with arguably less talent and yet we are doing better than we were a year ago.

Next week will be a tough one for us, but, if we can manage to win the majority of the matches we might be able to grasp second place before the season is out. Either way, I am happy. I have seen a change in this team that is worth more than getting first place for the next ten years.


On a personal note, my game has also improved. There have only been 2 guys that have beaten me this year and I am going to play one of them again next week I hope. I am looking for a little revenge! He is a great player and played extremely well last time we met. I also managed to play well against him but I made a few mistakes and he was able to capitalize on them and keep me in my seat. I wont make that same mistake again.

The biggest change in my game this year has been utilizing stop shots to set up better angles which lead to more run outs. I am doing less with the cue ball and that seems to minimize my margin or error when I get slightly off line with my position play. It’s the old marksman saying, aim small, miss small.





So my pool game is going good for now, my Cabernet Sauvignon in bottled up and aging nicely and my Pumpkin wine is in the carboy, the family is doing ok and my dog in nestled under my pool table while I practice and the world didn’t end on 12-21-2012. Life is good.

How did your year go?