Entering the arena as a warrior

Earlier today I saw a post on my facebook page from David Sapolis. In it he quotes Forrest E. Morgan. It is a excellent way to look at competitive pool. I have posted this with David’s permission, in it’s entirety for you to enjoy.




Enter the Arena as a Warrior

You have to enter and exit the arena as a warrior. To be a warrior, you have to think, feel and act differently than everybody else in the room. You have to be one of those special people that is willing to go beyond the ordinary and towards the extra-ordinary. As Forrest E. Morgan tells us, you have to “set yourself apart from the rest of society by your personal excellence in everything that you do.” Not many pool players possess the ability, discipline, commitment, or determination to live up to that.

To prepare your mind, your body, and your game for personal excellence you will need to exercise exceptional discipline and persistence in absolutely every aspect of your life. If everybody was able to do this, then everybody would be a champion. We know that is not the case. To be a warrior – to be a champion – it requires a commitment by which you hold yourself to a standard of excellence in everything that you think, everything that you say, and everything that you do. There is no room for weakness. There is no room for negative thinking. You have to conduct yourself in a way that displays, creates, promotes, and breeds excellence. Your mind must foster, nurture, and promote excellence.

Competition is the stage for you to display and showcase the results of your commitment to excellence. Competition is what you have prepared for – competition is where everything counts. During your training you have starved yourself of competition. You have prepared yourself to enter competition ready to feed off of your opponent’s fear, nerves, and lack of confidence. You capitalize on each and every one of your opponent’s errors in judgment, in thinking, and in movement. You sense your opponent’s fear and indecisiveness as if you were a hungry lion tracking the blood trail of his injured prey. You sense your opponent’s downfall – and you sense his fear of the inevitable – and you are prepared to transform his imagined fear into a harsh reality.

You are a warrior, you are a predator, you are a champion, and you are a winner. You have trained your body and your mind to perform in accordance with your training, dedication, and commitment to excellence – and you play to win – and you play to win DECISIVELY. ~ Blackjack’s Random Thoughts


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